In a clinical study conducted to the highest scientific standards, the effectiveness of IFIBR was proven by DDr. Michael Ofner. In 2019, for his achievements in health promotion and regeneration research, DDr. Ofner even received the “ITALIAN HEALTH AWARD 2019”. This is further confirmation of the success of the technology, which has already delighted numerous users worldwide.


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Study design

A randomised double-blind study was carried out with around 50 test subjects. The test and control group were randomly selected by a computer. Neither the test subjects nor the physician in charge knew which people were using IFIBR and which people were using a placebo product.

In the run-up to the study, a questionnaire was conducted with the test subjects covering the significant areas which would establish effectiveness.

After the 4-week test phase, the test subjects were questioned again and the result evaluated. The allocation of IFIBR and the placebo products was only decoded after the data had been evaluated.


In the study, highly significant pain relief for people with back pain was achieved. The randomly selected people who had actually slept on IFIBR also experienced an improvement in mobility, which led to an increase in the quality of their life and sleep.

Research article:

“A new nano-fibre mat has a strong effect on patients with chronic back pain.”


Clinical study by DDr. Michael Ofner, 2019


Test results

  • 50% less pain

    After a test phase of 4 weeks, those people who had slept on IFIBR had only half as much pain as those in the control group. That was an unexpectedly high result for this core research area.

  • 50% more sleep quality

    Research on the quality of sleep after the 4 week test phase showed that the IFIBR patients scored it twice as much as those in the control group.

  • 30% higher energy level

    In the “Quality of Life” section, the individually perceived energy level in the test group was around 30% higher than in the control group with the placebo product.

  • 25% more health

    Finally, overall health rating was about 25% higher with IFIBR. This resulted in a significant improvement in all relevant research areas after only 4 weeks of sleep on the FIBRILIUM fibre.

“We were really surprised by the clear results regarding the impact of IFIBR. After this study, we do not yet know in detail how the FIBRILIUM fibre works exactly, but we can confirm with certainty that it works.

Research on how the fibres work exactly will no doubt be part of the upcoming studies on this exciting product. From IFIBR’s product development, however, we know that it must have something to do with the reflection of the body’s own radiation by the silicon crystals contained in the fibre.

Similar to an infrared cabin, but in the perfect oscillation pattern for each user, namely the body’s own oscillation pattern!”

Study research article

Download the entire research article here.



Study summary

Download a short summary of the study here.

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