The sleep revolution

IFIBR is unique and medically tested. By reflecting the body’s own radiation, it improves the blood circulation in the tissue. This leads to an intensified supply of nutrients and oxygen, as well as an increased removal of metabolic products via the lymphatic system. The whole
organism is positively influenced. Continuous sleep on IFIBR alleviates inflammatory and often painful disorders in the body, leading to a reduction in pain and an improvement in the quality of sleep and life.

How to use

Simply lay IFIBR NIGHT directly over the mattress or topper of your bed. The effect begins automatically in just a few days, you may feel initial tingling and a sensation of heat but this should stop after a couple of days. This is proof that our reflected heat re-enters our body. IFIBR NIGHT or the FIBRILIUM fibre have no contraindications or side effects.


  • Fibrilium
  • Lyocell
  • Carbon fibre
  • Silver fibre
  • Padding


Cleaning and maintenance

  • no special treatment necessary
  • please only dry clean
  • please do not wash or bleach
  • ventilate in the fresh air to revive
Product description

Download the product description here.

*pdf file [144KB]