The effect of our products is based on ancient Asian wisdom. A special South Korean healing earth has been used there for hundreds of years to help people with chronic pain as well as circulatory and sleep disorders. To be honest, it was not always clear why this earth was effective, but the tradition was passed on from generation to generation.

We have made use of this wisdom for you! Thanks to a specially developed process, we can produce the FIBRILIUM fibre, the basis of all IFIBR products, from the silicon crystals contained in the healing clay.


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Inflammation or toxins in our body, fasciae adhesions or strong tension have negative effects on the flow of energy in our body. If too little energy and radiation reaches a certain blocked point, our body reacts with pain! Pain is basically just the alarm signal that something is wrong in a certain place!

What do we do?

We take painkillers, suppress the alarm signal and thereby further poison our body. Our body warns us, but we turn away, not seeing and hearing.

What is the solution?

As a side effect, pain also causes a lack of sleep, which leads to fatigue and a general loss of energy. This often results in poor concentration and an unwanted drop in performance. In a nutshell: our quality of life decreases rapidly!

This is where IFIBR comes in. The silicon crystals in the FIBRILIUM fibre are able to restore the flow of energy in the body. They reflect the body’s own radiation over the blockage, thereby ensuring that our whole body is fully supplied again.

According to studies, at least 70% of the population in the western world suffer from pronounced sleep disorders in some form or other.

This often leads to depression and social isolation – a vicious circle that is difficult to escape.


Who is IFIBR for?

Since FIBRILIUM technology is completely natural, IFIBR has absolutely no side effects. The fact that the body gets exactly what it needs –  namely its own individual energy pattern –  makes it suitable for every person and every age group.

Regardless of whether you already have symptoms or not –  IFIBR will definitely do you good!

This is proven by numerous enthusiastic customers all over the world! But science also confirms this: a randomized double-blind study conducted to the highest scientific criteria confirms the effectiveness of IFIBR with a high degree of significance.




Areas of application

Please note that IFIBR is based on naturopathic knowledge and, as a supportive therapy, should never and can never replace consultation with a doctor. Pain, sleep disorders or other pronounced chronic complaints are always an alarm signal from the body!

Generally, IFIBR products can be particularly recommended for the following applications and groups of people:

  • People with chronic pain

    If you suffer from chronic pain, one of the causes may be an inflammatory process in the body or some other pronounced blockage in the flow of energy. IFIBR can work wonders here, because it bypasses the blockages on the radiation level thereby help to resolve these disturbances. The study tested people with chronic back pain, but IFIBR can help anywhere in the body.

  • People with insomnia

    We have observed that IFIBR can, in general, have calming properties on the human body at night. In many cases, for example, the pulse drops, “irradiation” with the body’s own energy leads to relaxation and sleep disorders become less frequent, which means that the energy level rises again during the day leading to an observable increase in vitality. Nerves become more stable and people notice this by an increased quality of life. You will generally feel healthier.

  • Children and adolescents

    Healthy sleep is essential, especially when the body is still young and unencumbered. There are more and more articles about sleep disorders, even among children in primary school, and the consequently lack of concentration and bad grades. Children and young people have an extremely high level of mental stress due to the media and school. They grow, learn and process in their sleep – IFIBR can promote and establish healthy sleep behaviour here.

  • The elderly

    Older people can often no longer sleep as much and as well. There can be many different reasons for this, from a biological point of view it is most often due to reduced production of the sleep hormone melatonin. However, particularly when there is little sleep, it is all the more important to make good use of the hours and allow the body to regenerate as much as possible. Another positive effect on older people is increased blood circulation, which also creates a pleasant feeling of warmth in the extremities.

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