On average, a person spends more than 24 years of their life in bed. Our products were developed to make the best possible use of this time for your health and quality of life – quite simply while you sleep!

Ancient wisdom and the latest technology have been successfully combined at the highest scientific level. The result is FIBRILIUM, the unique high-tech fibre which, as the main component of our IFIBR products, has astounded many experts and patients by its effectiveness and efficiency!

Using it couldn’t be easier and it is completely free of any side effects…


Simply put IFIBR NIGHT over the mattress or topper on your bed, directly under your sheet. The effect begins automatically in just a few days, you may feel initial tingling and a sensation of heat but this should stop after a couple of days. They are good signs that your body is responding to our product.

IFIBR NIGHT or the FIBRILIUM fibre have no contraindications or side effects.



its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

An International Level 1 Clinical Trial, published in 2019 (ISSN 2059-0377), certified the following highly significant effects.

In this study group, the following results were found:

– painful states greatly decreased
– quality of sleep revolutionized
– strongly increased energy level
– health status certainly improved


How does IFIBR work?

Light is the source of all life. It is also the source of vitality for humans. If we suffer from a lack of light, problems arise such as vitamin deficiency, back and joint pain, menstrual problems, headaches and migraines. But what happens in the body? Changes in the connective tissue disrupt metabolic and cell communication and make it difficult to pass on important cell radiation – i.e. light. Our body makes us feel pain as an alarm signal! By taking pain medication, we are ignoring the problem and merely relieving the symptoms.

An ancient secret

The unique IFIBR products, on the other hand, have a targeted positive effect on cell radiation, as the silicon crystals they contained reflect cell radiation in the infrared range and return it to the body. These crystals are obtained from ancient South Korean healing earth, to which beneficial effects have been ascribed for centuries.

In a specially developed process, the crystals are processed into liquid, from which the high-tech FIBRILIUM fibre is eventually obtained – the foundation for all IFIBR products




Holistic health promotion while sleeping


With IFIBR products, you and your loved ones will gain new energy and quality of life! No matter whether you suffer from pain, have difficulty concentrating or sleeping, or want to use your time in bed optimally for your well-being. The innovative effect of the FIBRILIUM fibre will be by your side during every stage of life. And with absolutely no side effects for people of all ages!

See for yourself and contact us today for an individual consultation.